Prana Vinyasa™- Thurs 5:45pm, Sat 10:15am

A Prana Vinyasa™ practice connects you with the elements within your own body and the flow of nature. Developed by Shiva Rea, each practice is based upon a progression of namaskars, sequences, and peak asanas connected to the power of each element. Prana Vinyasa practices offer a complete spectrum of regeneration, strength, fluidity and inner meditation to the flow of life. A complete, full practice that leaves you revitalized, balanced, and centered! Live Harmonium music at the end of most classes!

Lunar Prana Vinyasa™- Mon 7:00pm

This rejuvenating Lunar Prana Vinyasa™ class, developed by Shiva Rea, is recommended for those inspired by a slower-paced flow integrated with the meditative arts for their practice. Foundational and Elemental namaskars will be introduced to explore body/breath awareness, incorporating mantra, mudras and breath practices each week to create clarity, stress-relief, and focus. Renew your soul with sound healing provided by live Harmonium music at the end of each class! All-levels welcome!

Community Yoga - Bring a Friend for Ten! - Wed 5:45pm

Class pass or $10 drop-in for friends!

Have a friend or loved one who's been curious about yoga? Now's the time to give it a try! Join Karie Reyes on Wednesday nights with an all-levels prana flow class at an affordable drop in rate of $10 per class (or class pass)! Enjoy the friendship, fun and fellowship of commUNITY yoga!

Deep Stretch - Wed 7:00pm

A calming stretch class using the breath to hold and sink deeper into the postures. Postures are typically held between 30-90 seconds, using props to either soften or deepen the stretch. This class is a wonderful way to pay special attention to the shoulders, hips, low back - everything often neglected and abused during the course of the day. Expect to feel calmer, softer and more uplifted than when you walked in! Suitable for all levels!

Gentle Yoga - Tues 10:00am

This class is designed for those who want a down-tempo class for healing and wellness. A variety of simple seated postures will be used to nourish the yin and basic standing postures for balancing the yang. The class is a mixture of time honored yoga postures combined with the gentle flowing movement of Qi Gong. The focus is to encourage the flow of qi for vitality and health. All levels welcome!

Intermediate Hatha- Sun 10:30am

Class will begin with centering breath and setting of intention followed by selected Namaskars (Sun Salutations) to generate body warming energy.   We will explore physical alignment and energetic movement through a series of standing poses, seated poses, back bends, inversions and breath work sequenced to support a chosen peak pose.   Mind/Body balance will be cultivated by holding poses to build strength and, occasionally, linking poses together to practice flowing movement Modifications will be provided throughout class.  Students should have six months prior yoga practice and be able to move up and down from the floor.  

Yang/Yin - Fri 10:00am

A class to get you moving and help you to open up. The first half will focus on energetic movement and strength while the second half will focus on deep release and opening. Finding a balance between the yin and yang of your physical body. All levels welcome!

Yin Yoga- Thurs 7:00pm

Yin Yoga is the perfect cross-training complement to the dynamic and muscular yang style of any physical activity. It targets the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, and fascia, throughout the body through compression, tension, and movement. It is a passive practice in which you are asked to find a sustainable place in the pose and focus on deeper holds and stretches. Great way to release at the end of your day! 

Yoga on Balls - Wed 10:00am

This class focuses on the use of stability balls, hand weights and yoga postures to increase strength, flexibility and balance. Perfect for anyone needing to work with tight hamstrings, hips and shoulders. And it’s a lot of fun! Suitable for the advanced beginner and above!

Yoga Foundations - Mon 10:00am, Mon 6:00pm (50 min), Thurs 10:00am

Spend time learning the basics of yoga poses such as Sun Namaskars, standing and balance poses, twists, seated poses and final relaxation. Students will develop conscious awareness of muscular alignment to open the body, build strength and create flexibility. This class is suitable for beginners and continuing yoga students wanting to slow down and deepen their foundations!

Private Yoga Sessions - Scheduled upon request

Individual yoga sessions are ideal as an introduction for a new student or for an experienced student in need of a tune-up. A private yoga session is 60 minutes of yoga asana specifically for your needs. individual attention provides a perfect environment for questions and interaction with your teacher. This also allows an optimal setting for learning essential concepts as key actions of poses, correct alignment, breathing or pranayama, lines of energy and philosophical concepts. Private sessions may be scheduled one-on-one or with small groups. Contact the studio for more information!