Prana Vinyasa™- Thurs 5:45pm, Sat 10:00am

A Prana Vinyasa™ practice connects you with the elements within your own body and the flow of nature. Developed by Shiva Rea, each practice is based upon a progression of namaskars, sequences, and peak asanas connected to the power of each element. Prana Vinyasa practices offer a complete spectrum of regeneration, strength, fluidity and inner meditation to the flow of life. A complete, full practice that leaves you revitalized, balanced, and centered! Live Harmonium music at the end of most classes!

Yoga & Ayurveda- Mon 5:45pm

Yoga for the seasons, bringing the rich knowledge of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, to a simplified prana vinyasa-inspired yoga practice based around the doshas. Yoga, breathwork, meditation and Ayurvedic insight will be introduced with each class to bring balance to body and mind. Each class will focus on various Ayurvedic constitutions, working with the elements and the energies of each seasonal change. Self-care, breathwork and meditation practices will also be shared to create a balanced, stimulating class - reinvigorate, refresh, relax, and renew! All Levels Welcome!

Lunar Prana Vinyasa™- Mon 7:00pm

This rejuvenating Lunar Prana Vinyasa™ class, developed by Shiva Rea, is recommended for those inspired by a slower-paced flow integrated with the meditative arts for their practice. Foundational and Elemental namaskars will be introduced to explore body/breath awareness, incorporating mantra, mudras and breath practices each week to create clarity, stress-relief, and focus. Renew your soul with sound healing provided by live Harmonium music at the end of each class! All-levels welcome!

Yoga Basics - Wed 5:45pm

Spend time learning the basics of yoga poses such as Sun Namaskars, standing and balance poses, twists, seated poses and final relaxation. Students will develop conscious awareness of muscular alignment to open the body, build strength and create flexibility. This class is suitable for beginners and continuing yoga students wanting to slow down and deepen their foundations!

Stretch & Restore - Wed 7:00pm

A calming stretch class using the breath to hold and sink deeper into the postures. Postures are typically held between 30-90 seconds, using props to either soften or deepen the stretch. This class is a wonderful way to pay special attention to the shoulders, hips, low back - everything often neglected and abused during the course of the day. Last portion of class devoted to restorative poses to relax and renew the body and mind. Expect to feel calmer, softer and more uplifted than when you walked in! Suitable for all levels!

Chant & Mantra Circle - 4th Tuesday of the Month, 6:30pm

Interested in learning more about chanting and mantras? Join this monthly group circle to bring healing, peace, and clarity to your heart and mind! Susan Harp will lead the group with the harmonium in a one hour mantra session focusing on different mantras each month. Explanation of Sanskrit origins and chants for various purposes will be shared. No musical or vocal experience required - bring an open heart and willingness to explore this beautiful sacred sound tradition!

Private & Small Group Yoga Sessions - Scheduled upon request

Individual and Small Group yoga sessions are ideal as an introduction for new students or for an experienced student in need of a tune-up. Wanting something unique to share with friends or have a special celebration? Private yoga sessions or parties are welcome!

A private yoga session is 60 minutes of yoga asana specifically for your needs. individual attention provides a perfect environment for questions and interaction with your teacher. This also allows an optimal setting for learning essential concepts as key actions of poses, correct alignment, breathing or pranayama, lines of energy and philosophical concepts. Private sessions may be scheduled one-on-one or with small groups for special events. Contact the studio for more information- we look forward to working with you!